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Following up lawsuits

Trying to resolve disputes and negotiate if necessary? Lodging claims or prosecution of existing or litigated claims by natural or legal persons?


Drafting or reviewing all types of internal contracts

You are certainly aware of the importance of words, punctuation, sentences, and the way texts are written and their impact on whether you will have the right or you will be considered responsible.

Arranging or reviewing all types of foreign contracts

you may want to contract with companies from other countries (Iran or…) in such cases, you may want to entrust the matter to experienced lawyers for lack of familiarity with Iranian legal regulations to protect you as much as possible from the negative consequences of neglecting legal aspects. In such circumstances, it can lead to heavy legal and financial liabilities.

Participation in meetings and negotiations

If you need the presence of a lawyer in meetings and negotiations with other parties, especially those that lead to agreement, I am here to help.

Correspondence checking

After the contract is concluded, the most important point is the content of your correspondence with the parties to the contract. When you give financial information, etc., even though you think you gave them the obvious information, you may be unknowingly confessing to debt or any other responsibility.

Participate in contracts and litigation

Participate in contracts and litigation

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If you would like to participate in any activity and work with pleasure, I am eager to hear your suggestion.

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